I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Novel Task: A Wrinkle in Time:Diary Entry from Meg/ Main Character

Dear Diary,

Today was the weirdest day I have ever had but it was also the best.
Today I met three strange ladies that lived in a haunted house in the woods behind our house.
Apparently their Charles Wallace's friends he met when walking our dog Fortinbras, but i am still wry of them as they are quite weird.Mrs Whatsit is one of them, and she stole some sheets for her and Mrs Who and Mrs Which to dress up to look like ghosts to scare away any curios people.And also so they could live there without anyone knowing.I think they are all a sandwich short of a picnic!
Then I met this brave dreamy guy, Calvin. He is just so sweet and considerate and...... dreamy!

Talk to you later

Meg :)  

Friday, 12 July 2013

11 Before 11

If I had unlimited money and was able to do 11 things with my class or school before I was 11 It would be...

1.I would go skydiving with my class because its exhilarating  and would be fun for the whole class and people who didn't want to jump got to stand at the bottom and watch us float down to the landing spot.

2.I would go on a 4 week horse trek with miss C and miss T in the mountains of Peru because it would be awesome to hang out with my favourite teachers and I've always wanted to go to Peru and I love horses.

3.I would like to meet Demi Lavato  because she has been through the same experience as me.

4.To have a huge Guy Forks bonfire with lots of big fireworks and sparklers because Guy Forks is my god and I love bonfires and my school could come to have fun.

5. Have a huge paint party with heaps of famous DJ's there with Mr O'c and my class because it would be just plain awesome.

6.To go with all the girls to Las Vagas  on the beaches and have fun in our bikinis and go on a shopping 
spree because it would give us time to bond.

7.Learn some magic tricks from the famous Dynamo coz hes awesome.

8.Mini hunger games but no killing just paint ball version.

9.Make Cherub book real

10. Have a Subway eating challenge\

11. Raid all the Mac Donald's in the world and eat all the Mac Donald's the world has  

Monday, 1 July 2013

Miss Muffet poem recount.

It was was a beautiful day in the meadows of the countryside.A carpet of luminous green blades sway in the cool gentle breeze.A lone oak tree stands in the centre of the meadows, is leaves rustle as the breeze flicks them around.The sun beams down on the green carpet and a little young lady sits at the base of the almighty oak, that shades her from the baking sun.She starts humming to herself sweetly as she opens her backpack.She pulls out some curds and whey, and starts gracefully eating.A little spider spy's from the branches waiting for a chance of getting some of the lady's curd. He quietly crawls down his thread of web to her shoulder.The young lady get the fright of her life when she see's several eyes  staring at her.She quickly screams as loud as she can and jumps up of the ground and shakes frantically to get the spider of. She runs of into the baking hot meadow and leaves her bag and her curds and whey behind.While she was running away the little spider jumped of and crawled back and started to lick a the curd.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

my writing test

2 Years Ago:

‘Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooh’ whistles the cold autumn wind,
me and Jack are  playing in the rainbow of leaves on the moist ground.Our ball
flings into the woods ‘CRACK,SMASH’ goes a branch inside the dark
gloomy woods.Birds fly everywhere from the tree tops.’HHHHHHOOOOOWWWLLL’
a huge monstrous sound came from the trees and then more of them ’HHHHHOOOOOWWWWWLLL’ goes another.
“don’t worry I will get it” says Jack. “be careful!” I yell as he walks cautiously into the creeky woods.’HHHHOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLL’ goes one more of these creatures that no one has seen before. suddenly I hear jack scream like nothing I’ve heard before.i turn my head towards
jacks direction and a huge figure cloaked in a red road grabes jack and pulls him into the misty

trees more of them came to the border of  the forest then disappeared.that was the last time i saw jack for  four years.

This is my story of how i find jack and the epic journey that goes inbetween.


After Jack disappeared two years ago, more people disappeared after too.
Wood cutters, gatherers, children, even priests, they were all just kids starting jobs or playing.These monsters take anything with flesh that strays into the dark forest.
everyday we take a goat or a cow and chain it to a pole near the woods,
and every night .they take the animal and either leave us with nothing but bones
or they a mysterious object  by the chain.sometimes its a coin or maybe its an arrow. only children and animals go missing.between the ages of 4 to 14 for children is the scariest of times
because there are children that don’t even go into the woods and still go missing

Friday, 24 May 2013

How To Make a Perfect Milo


Milo Granules- 4tps
White Sugar- 1tps
Hot Water- half mug
Milk- half mug


1.Get a decent sized mug and put on table/kitchen bench

2.Fill the jug half way with water, flip the switch to turn on and wait for it to boil

3.Wile the jug is boiling, put 4 teaspoons of Milo and 1 teaspoon of sugar into the mug

4.Once the jug has boiled, carefully pour the hot water fro the jug into the mug until the mug is half full

5.Put the jug back on the table/kitchen bench

6.Get milk out of the fridge and shake for 10 seconds, then undo the lid of the milk and pour until there's only 2  centimetres before the mug is full.

7.Get a teaspoon and stir the Milo for 20 seconds

8.Then serve

A perfect Milo just for you

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Once upon  Rose found a vase that she always wanted to fill
Everyday she thump thump thumped across the road to the park
One day a man took her and stab stab stabed her flop she went limp
because of that a bright spiret light lited her up and wosh her body disintagated and she turned into a ghost
because of that she howls 'hhhhhhhoooooooooooowwwwwlllll' at who ever dares walk in the park
because of that there is until not a sound in the park any more
Until finally no one stomped in the park anymore
ever since she has romed around the park wating her revenge
the moral of the story is dont go alone in a park

Monday, 25 March 2013

spirit wolf - Survivor

My paws are blistered and pain is shooting through my legs.the snow is pure white and each step I take leaves a print on top.today has been the worst day of winter, i watched my brother being slaughtered, my sister drowned in the icy rapid of what's called death river, mum was killed by a disgusting creature, the elders call man, and my father has pinned to a tree with man hacking at his limns.Now I am all alone just running from these reached things called dogs and I'm slowly falling behind the rest of the wolves.I spot a badgers hole close to a tree about  three hundred meters away.I quickly sprint as hard as i can to the right and disappear into the badgers hole.I didn't really care if there was any badgers in the hole, I just needed to get away from the dogs.

My name is Skyren. I am seventeen months old and have white fur.I am a survivor.