I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Inquiry Project Reflection.

1.What my group researched for our inquiry project was glass because its easy to research and its a simple object to make.We did have other thing to research but we voted on them and cut out all the ones that we thought were to hard to research.

2.My group researched our topic with the help of google and the wiki.First we thought of some questions like which company's/factory's use Eco friendly heat sources to heat there sand to make glass ect.Then I looked up some of those major factory's and seeing who is the worst out of them.Then I emailed them on some things they should improve on like Eco friendliness and stuff like that.When we got the response back we were surprised by the comeback as he was very good with our problems with their website.The only problem with his response was that he spelt some of the major country's, he had listed, wrong.

3.My group slacked of for a while and when i was away and they realised it was dew in then they started working real quick.I think that If I were to rate my group and my self i think that they would get a 3/5 and I would have a  4/5.

4.I am most proud of the email i sent to the company we chose.I think that our group need to work on or timing and comunication skills.


Thursday, 29 November 2012

year 7 guide to suriving intermediate.

#31415 fafoinana street lalona, wellington

Dear future year 7 students of Tawa Intermediate,
this letter to you is for your own safety.
If you do not follow what I am about to write, you will not survive the fierce and skillful year eights and teachers.but don't worry because there are nice and kind year eights but you will find them later on.

1.first of all you must all ways find great friends.Not all people are that friendly and if you approach a bad person that you may not know is just tap them on the shoulder and say hi my name is ......., and say your name and anything else you may want them to know.If they just say cool and they walk of just say ok catch you later.

2.Second is fashone tips.there is a uniform dedention were if you wear something that isnt uniform and you get cort wearing it then you get in seriose trouble with the principal and her assistant.girls, please wear ur P.E shorts underneath your skirt because if you sit down people will see your pants and then tell you they can see them and then you will get really imbarrised.boys,dont tuck in your shirt because you will look all nerdy and people will start thinking your a dweeb.both of you dont wear really big shoes because nobody likes those not even the teachers.black trainers are fine.

really thats it.be good try not to get in trouble and yes banana's are not good hand mousteriser so dont try it!

Kind regards

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hi, last week my class from Tawa intermediate, Wellington, went to camp which was in Masterton outdoor senter,we had to meet at the Wellington train station at 7:35.I got there around 7:20 and about 15 minuets later we were on this long train.In fact it was looked as long as a blue whale.Inside the train is was so comfy and spacious.About 2 hours later we were at the Masterton train station and there were huge as 2 elephants sized  coaches waiting for us in the car park.We all loaded up our packs in the storage cubby holes, then climbed aboard the couch.While we were on the road I had the song 'Life is a Highway'.I love that song because its so true for me.20 minuets later we were at the camp site....

If you want to find out more message me.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

limerick poem

When wearing a dress
Dont get it in a mess
Now to the hall
Were we'll have a ball
Now we can all go home and have a rest.

By Sally-Ann

Friday, 28 September 2012

Statistical Investigation.

My Statistical Investigation on...
Does our class need excercise books any more?

Why I thought my question was important.
Well, I thought that what is the point in having exercise books when we have perfectly good computers,and there are programs to help as well.

Data Collection.
I got the data, by drawing up a chart in my maths book, then getting my class to give me their opinion.there were 23 kids in the class at the time I asked.

Present Data.

So really all I found out was that most of the class would not like to have exercise books in our class, and the rest apart from one said they wanted some exercise books and one said they didn't know.

Thursday, 20 September 2012


To all the parents out there that think technology could rot my child's brain,they cant!
Actually, it can help a lot of kids with learning,but your probably thinking, 'How'?

Well with people with dyslexia like some of my friends,when they want to write sometimes they, or others, cant read there writing and cant understand, so they use computers to help them write.

Also, when students in my class want to look something up, they use the Internet because it is fast  and it doesn't waste time like the old fashion way, by looking it up in the library. That is very time consuming. We also use friendly sites for studying and for communication so we can talk to other schools, so for instance Blogger.

So for paarents out there that think technology could rot my child's brain,they cant!
It can help. So the next time your child goes on the computer for homework or studying help them and please don't be against technology, because if technology wasn't there, it would be an extremely hard life!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tucker and Fred Tail Trail


"Your mums a freckle face!" shouted Fred.
"My butt!" said Tucker.Then whack, Fred's fist smashed into Tuckers face and broke his nose.
then shining lights came on the other side of the park wall.
"Freeze you mungrels!" said a far away voice.
"Quick run for it fred save your self!"
"After you Tucker" Shouted Fred.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wolves fighting!

"What did you say about me?!"Melverse said, bowling Larmaxes over.
"All I said was that you wouldn't be strong enough to lead the pack through the Alps.That's all, I swear!"Whimpered Larmaxes
"You stupid flea bag, now the elders are surely not going to make me the new pack leader!Ugh, why do you always have to open you big mouth and ruin my future?"
"Oh I'm so sorry maybe I could go and say to the elders that you are disrespecting boundaries and randomly bowling wolves over."
"Don't you dare!Or I will tear you into little pieces and feed you to the ravens, you know what their like, always hungry for flesh!" Melverse growled.
"You know, I could tell the elders about you stealing a human baby and trading it with the mountain witch!"Larmaxes said, giggling sarcastically.
"Ahhh, now your really asking for it!"Melverse yelled fiercely. A giant fight broke out.After 2 and a half hours Larmaxes was lying on the floor, bleeding to death.Melverse was banished from the pack and wandered into the valley of traitors where he found a new pack he could relate to that had done the same thing.

But soon he would be back for more, and now with a whole army of traitors now called 'The Ravengers '

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ki o Rahi

Hi everyone, over the past few weeks our class has been learning the art and sport of Ki o Rahi.I personally find the game extremely confusing at first but then once I started playing I was so easy.Its a very exhilarating game where you have to move all the time.The game begins by one of the two teams picking if there the taniwha or kioma.And then the fun begins.I'm only going to say what my experience was instead of telling you how to play, because all of my class are going to explain so go to one of their blogs.Really I think its a great game to play for all ages and  think that the people who came to our school and coached our class deserve a round of a plause because they were great!Out of all of the game I especially liked the ripper bit, there awesome!Thanks all the same,

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Snow Expiriance Tail Trail.


As I was thinking what to do next, my annoying little sister through a very small and very cold snowball right at my head.As soon as the snowball hit my head it felt like it exploded and the little bits of ice shrapnel went down my neck."Oh you little!" I shouted as I swivelled round.I started running at her, furiously shouting,"I'm going to get you good".I scooped some freezing snow ad threw it hard at her."AHHHHHHHH!" she screamed.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Expereance In The Snow!

At the time of when it was snowing, I was inside watching a movie with my mum,and we were totally oblivious, when suddenly the TV fuzzed then flicked off."Oh we've had a power cut, I wounder why?". As me and my mum went to cheak the lights just to make sure, I opened the curtens".Oh my god it's snowing mum!"As I stared outside, the delicate snow flakes were dancing around in the gentel breeze.Also on the deck, there was a white blanket of fluffy white flakes that had slowly melted, then froze again into ice.My mum said quickly "if you want to play get some warm clothes on and becarefull of the steps".As I grabbed my coat and wooly hat from inside, I carefully picked my way down the steps and into the front yard.Wow look at all this snow!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

tail trail


"Well done lad!You got GOLD!!!"said one of my trainers.The crowed was clapping and cheering at me and as I waved they roared even louder then before.One of my other trainers put a small, soft white towel around my shoulders and patted me on the back.A day later I was standing on the podium and singing my national anthem and a heavy solid gold medeal on my achy neck.I was so chuft with myself,and as I was singing I was thinking to myself, it's party time when I get home.The next day I was on my flight back home to see my proud family.For the next week I was partying so hard that I fell asleep on  the floor holding my prize medeal.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

on your mark.

"On your mark," that's what everyone says before our feet start thundering on the ground and the commentators start yelling along with the crowd.Usually its for running or swimming, but sometimes its for other sports
So in my case its for badminton.I love badminton and I have played since I was 8.My pa used to play with me and  in competitions, but one day he had a bad accident with his right foot in a car crash.I wasn't able to see him till after his surgery.Pa was my best coach and he taught me so much that, by the time I was fifteen, I was better then him.In his will, after he past away, he gave me his old racket that he had since he was little,$2,000 for badminton and $10,000 for collage and university funds.

Monday, 30 July 2012

No Name

Hi everyone.

Last week my class had a writing test and my teacher told us to rewrite our test story on our blog.My story is called No Name.Hope you enjoy it.This is made up so there's no orphanage on the coast of America.

On the coast of America was a little orphanage that was so old,people were surprised that it was still standing.There once was a really nasty old woman that looked after the roting orphanage and the helpless children that had to stay there.One of those helpless children, was a little scrawny boy.The boy didn't have a name, so everyone just called him No Name, apart from the mean old lady, Mrs Gizzard.Mrs Gizzard always smelt of pine sap and wore office lady's clothes.She had a wrinkled, pointy nosed face with black evil eyes and dirty blond hair that always looked greasy.. So greasy, infact, that it looked like you could strain her hair and use the oil and grease to deep fry chips. No name smelt of stagnant water and bird poo. He wore a yellow torn shirt with ripped black shorts. He had dark brown hair and beautiful bright, light blue eyes.

One morning while everyone was eating breakfast Lucy, one of the smaller orphans, said "Theres been this big rumer that one of the older orphans has escaped through a tunnel that he built in his room and hid it under a poster.Now that Mrs Gizzard has found out she is furiose, and is now cheking everones rooms.And if  she finds anything, you will go in the smokey for 3 days with no food or water."  Lucy also said to hide any personal things like diarys, left over bread that you might be snacking on, and letters sent by perants." Thanks Lucy I will keep that in mind, but right now I'm supposed to be in the kitchen, on dish duty!"No Name said, and got up and quietly walked to the dirty kitchen.Mrs Gizzard has this clip board that is always in her hand and it has a roster of all the people and the jobs that they need to do.As No Name is washing up,  he can hear Mrs Gizzard shouting at a poor little boy named Jimmy."YOU SNIVERING LITTLE HALF WHIT! DO YOU THINK I WAS BORN YESTERDAY!GET AND CLEAN THAT MESS UP BEFORE I RUB YOUR FAT NOSE IN IT!"  She screams.Jimmy bursts out in tears and a minute later thebits of broken vase are gone."HURRY UP WITH THOSE DISHES YOU SMELLY RAT!"she yells at me.

het every one that was only a little bit of it if you want to find out more just leave a comment.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Hidden part 1

The Hidden Part 1

A little figure runs over the dim and cracked road, past the rubble of an old bakery and through a little crack in a collapsed tunnel.The sun had just set and Hope wanted to get back to the tree before the mutant rats come out and the soldiers find her smothered in them.It was world war 3 and life was hard for survivors like Hope and her brother Knife Fingers,that's what everyone called him.But Hope just called him Simon or Sim for short.Hope was 13 and really light skinned.She always wore light rags that she found from old ration packs and had purple high lights in her hair.She also had a scar on the edge of her right eye from when she was ambushed by soldiers in her old house, that was the day her parents were killed right in front of her.That was 7 years ago and since then Hope and Sim have coped pretty well.Sim is a tall, tanned and muscular young man.He always wears a torn short sleeved shirt and track pants.Everyone wears their own, hand made sneakers, but Hope makes her own special sneakers that leaves her big toe separate from the rest of her toes.As Hope gets back to the hide out, which is a whole in a tree, she slips into the whole with ease and climbs down the ladder."Hey, Hope's back everyone!" Nika says.Nika's our leader and she decides who goes out and when.Hope's family were part of a special group called 'The Hidden' and what they did and do now is and was very dangerous.What they did was hide and run  to keep out of site to get bags of very important equipment and messages to other groups of survivors that plan to build a resistance.Hope is the youngest member of 'the hidden' and is the best at it as well.

Hey guys i changed the title and i hope you like it.I know its doesn't have much suspense to it but part 2 will be much more exciting.


Monday, 16 July 2012

Hi everyone,

Im going to copy my friends idea of creating a story on blogger.Im going to call my story 'Hidden Messengers'.


Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Hi bloggers,
Last week I got a book out called 'Inkheart'.The book has a fairly good width and its about a man and his daughter,Mo and Meggie,and they both have a speciel gift,when they read aloud everything they read becomes real.The only problem is once something comes out of the book something from the real world has to go into the book.
One night, Meggie cant sleep and she looks out the window to see how bad the storm is and see's a man on the front lawn,so she decides to tell Mo.It terns out that the man had come to give Meggie's father a warning about these strange men who are lokking for him,and for some strange reason the stranger is calling Mo, Silvertounge.
I have only read a few chapters and its great so far.There is a whole series and I would rate the book 9/10.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


My Scarf, Gilwell woggle and wood beads
Hi bloggers, and I'm going to talk to you about Scouts and how it works.I'm only going to talk about two things but I could go on and on about every little detail about scouts, so lets get going.

First of all its learning about nature.
 Every year we work towards our nature badge.this year we did some native tree planting and had a talk from a lady from forest and bird.Sometimes we pick up rubbish for the community and we find heaps of it and fill up heaps of black rubbish bags.We also learn about how to dispose of human sewage.

Second of all is going on camps.
My first ever camp was at Brookefeilds and i wasn't even a scout then, i was a kea.i have nearly completed my 20 nights badge.I love camping as you  can get out of the city and explore.the only annoying thing is packing for the trip and unpacking after the trip.you build bivawaks whitch are huts made out of fallen bits of tree and bush.

 if you want to find out more just leave a coment and i will give you the scouts website.

thanks Sallyann:)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cross Country Comando!

For the last couple of weeks the mighty Pouakai have been training extra,extra hard for this years awesome cross country.On the 16th of May 2012 was the big day and everyone was excited.We all gathered in the hall in the middle session and discussed were the finish line was and who to go to once you have finished.

As the year 7 girls lined up Mr O'Carroll told us that the start is the most dangerous part of the course.Mr O'C blew the whistle and we were off. Lots of girls were huffing and puffing and about five minuets later we were all finally spread out.As i was trying to control my breathing saw Mr Skipworth at a corner that was coming up, and he was cheering us on.

After about fifteen minuets i started tyring and for the first time throughout the course i walked.I walked for five minuets then started jogging again and i was nearly at the finished.I had just had enough energy to bolt down the hill and to the finish line.as i crossed the finish i was so relieved that i had to poor water over my head.

thanks for reading!

Friday, 11 May 2012

The sport I do.

Hi bloggers I'm going to give you a heads up on what sports I do.

I do swimming every Sunday night at 6 till 7.We start by a warm up swim and last week was diving in then butterfly about 12 laps.Then its 200 meters of freestyle,200 meters of freestyle kick,200 of only one arm freestyle then to finish of another 200 meters of freestyle.Then we do it one more time but our choice.then our warm down swim is 100 meters freestyle and kick.

I do badminton every Monday and Friday.Monday is my training session were I train for my competitions that I participait in and Friday is when I bum about and play with other people.I have done badminton for 2 and a half years.

I do hockey every Tuesday and Saturday.Tuesday is training and Saturday is my games.I have done hockey also for 2 and a half years.In all the seasons I've done I have broken to hockey sticks and someone's shin.I a a great defence player as I can hit the ball from one end to the other.My favourite position is defence also.


Friday, 4 May 2012

Diary entry of character in my book.'Halo'.

Dear Diary,

Yes!I have found the thing I've been looking for.After endlessly walking through the thick, lush forest i have found it.A slow deep river where I can finally wash these filthy clothes that I stoll.Over the top of the river is a beautiful canopy of berry bushes and there just in reach!Before I go in I check the depth so that it deep enouph to swim in.Finally I dive in and wash my hair because there are so many leaves and twigs stuck and knoted.I climb up the small cliff and grab a handfull of different coloured berrys and scofed the lot though i am still hungry for real food.I catch a few fish by tickling them on their soft belly the way the centars tought me.Because I have nothing to light a fire with have to eat the fish raw,I gut the fish first and and then chop the head of with the knife I stole.

Hey bloggers this is just a taste of my characters life as a diary entry.If you want to find out more just tell me.


Friday, 30 March 2012

My Epic Ahtletics Day!

Hi im Sally-ann and i go to Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand

Recently our school had our Althletics day.The whole school got seperated into year and gender groups.My group was the year 7 girls and our first event wasut to  sprints, and most of the girls were'nt very confident, but half of me was pumped up and was just about  to explode with excitment, but then the other half of me felt like I was floating away  because of the butterflys in my stomach.

As we arrived on the dry grass,there were four teachers and they put us into 6 lines, and it looked like you hade to run miles!It felt so cold and as i looked around, most people had goosebumps.The sounds I  could here were the constant thumping of the discus landing in the moist soil, then the sand rustling as people  were jumping with all their might and then the light whistle of  the vortex as it soared  like an eagle through the air.I was in the secound line, and Mr Rickared  clapped the clappers and the first line was off!My line was up next and my stomach was feeling like it was going to explode with butterflys!"Three,Two,One,CLAP!" Mr Rickard shouted.I sprinted as herd as i could,after about 7 secounds my calfs started aching,my heart was racing!I came first!!YAY!The secound race i was in was the semi-finals and i came thired and drawed with two other girls so after the final race that i wasnt in we moved to the next event long jump!

hey guys that was just a taster but i am going to post more things soon.