I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Hi bloggers,
Last week I got a book out called 'Inkheart'.The book has a fairly good width and its about a man and his daughter,Mo and Meggie,and they both have a speciel gift,when they read aloud everything they read becomes real.The only problem is once something comes out of the book something from the real world has to go into the book.
One night, Meggie cant sleep and she looks out the window to see how bad the storm is and see's a man on the front lawn,so she decides to tell Mo.It terns out that the man had come to give Meggie's father a warning about these strange men who are lokking for him,and for some strange reason the stranger is calling Mo, Silvertounge.
I have only read a few chapters and its great so far.There is a whole series and I would rate the book 9/10.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


My Scarf, Gilwell woggle and wood beads
Hi bloggers, and I'm going to talk to you about Scouts and how it works.I'm only going to talk about two things but I could go on and on about every little detail about scouts, so lets get going.

First of all its learning about nature.
 Every year we work towards our nature badge.this year we did some native tree planting and had a talk from a lady from forest and bird.Sometimes we pick up rubbish for the community and we find heaps of it and fill up heaps of black rubbish bags.We also learn about how to dispose of human sewage.

Second of all is going on camps.
My first ever camp was at Brookefeilds and i wasn't even a scout then, i was a kea.i have nearly completed my 20 nights badge.I love camping as you  can get out of the city and explore.the only annoying thing is packing for the trip and unpacking after the trip.you build bivawaks whitch are huts made out of fallen bits of tree and bush.

 if you want to find out more just leave a coment and i will give you the scouts website.

thanks Sallyann:)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cross Country Comando!

For the last couple of weeks the mighty Pouakai have been training extra,extra hard for this years awesome cross country.On the 16th of May 2012 was the big day and everyone was excited.We all gathered in the hall in the middle session and discussed were the finish line was and who to go to once you have finished.

As the year 7 girls lined up Mr O'Carroll told us that the start is the most dangerous part of the course.Mr O'C blew the whistle and we were off. Lots of girls were huffing and puffing and about five minuets later we were all finally spread out.As i was trying to control my breathing saw Mr Skipworth at a corner that was coming up, and he was cheering us on.

After about fifteen minuets i started tyring and for the first time throughout the course i walked.I walked for five minuets then started jogging again and i was nearly at the finished.I had just had enough energy to bolt down the hill and to the finish line.as i crossed the finish i was so relieved that i had to poor water over my head.

thanks for reading!