I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Monday, 30 July 2012

No Name

Hi everyone.

Last week my class had a writing test and my teacher told us to rewrite our test story on our blog.My story is called No Name.Hope you enjoy it.This is made up so there's no orphanage on the coast of America.

On the coast of America was a little orphanage that was so old,people were surprised that it was still standing.There once was a really nasty old woman that looked after the roting orphanage and the helpless children that had to stay there.One of those helpless children, was a little scrawny boy.The boy didn't have a name, so everyone just called him No Name, apart from the mean old lady, Mrs Gizzard.Mrs Gizzard always smelt of pine sap and wore office lady's clothes.She had a wrinkled, pointy nosed face with black evil eyes and dirty blond hair that always looked greasy.. So greasy, infact, that it looked like you could strain her hair and use the oil and grease to deep fry chips. No name smelt of stagnant water and bird poo. He wore a yellow torn shirt with ripped black shorts. He had dark brown hair and beautiful bright, light blue eyes.

One morning while everyone was eating breakfast Lucy, one of the smaller orphans, said "Theres been this big rumer that one of the older orphans has escaped through a tunnel that he built in his room and hid it under a poster.Now that Mrs Gizzard has found out she is furiose, and is now cheking everones rooms.And if  she finds anything, you will go in the smokey for 3 days with no food or water."  Lucy also said to hide any personal things like diarys, left over bread that you might be snacking on, and letters sent by perants." Thanks Lucy I will keep that in mind, but right now I'm supposed to be in the kitchen, on dish duty!"No Name said, and got up and quietly walked to the dirty kitchen.Mrs Gizzard has this clip board that is always in her hand and it has a roster of all the people and the jobs that they need to do.As No Name is washing up,  he can hear Mrs Gizzard shouting at a poor little boy named Jimmy."YOU SNIVERING LITTLE HALF WHIT! DO YOU THINK I WAS BORN YESTERDAY!GET AND CLEAN THAT MESS UP BEFORE I RUB YOUR FAT NOSE IN IT!"  She screams.Jimmy bursts out in tears and a minute later thebits of broken vase are gone."HURRY UP WITH THOSE DISHES YOU SMELLY RAT!"she yells at me.

het every one that was only a little bit of it if you want to find out more just leave a comment.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Hidden part 1

The Hidden Part 1

A little figure runs over the dim and cracked road, past the rubble of an old bakery and through a little crack in a collapsed tunnel.The sun had just set and Hope wanted to get back to the tree before the mutant rats come out and the soldiers find her smothered in them.It was world war 3 and life was hard for survivors like Hope and her brother Knife Fingers,that's what everyone called him.But Hope just called him Simon or Sim for short.Hope was 13 and really light skinned.She always wore light rags that she found from old ration packs and had purple high lights in her hair.She also had a scar on the edge of her right eye from when she was ambushed by soldiers in her old house, that was the day her parents were killed right in front of her.That was 7 years ago and since then Hope and Sim have coped pretty well.Sim is a tall, tanned and muscular young man.He always wears a torn short sleeved shirt and track pants.Everyone wears their own, hand made sneakers, but Hope makes her own special sneakers that leaves her big toe separate from the rest of her toes.As Hope gets back to the hide out, which is a whole in a tree, she slips into the whole with ease and climbs down the ladder."Hey, Hope's back everyone!" Nika says.Nika's our leader and she decides who goes out and when.Hope's family were part of a special group called 'The Hidden' and what they did and do now is and was very dangerous.What they did was hide and run  to keep out of site to get bags of very important equipment and messages to other groups of survivors that plan to build a resistance.Hope is the youngest member of 'the hidden' and is the best at it as well.

Hey guys i changed the title and i hope you like it.I know its doesn't have much suspense to it but part 2 will be much more exciting.


Monday, 16 July 2012

Hi everyone,

Im going to copy my friends idea of creating a story on blogger.Im going to call my story 'Hidden Messengers'.