I am a student at Tawa Intermediate School in Wellington, New Zealand. I am in Room 15 and a member of the amazing Huia Syndicate. My teacher is Stephanie Thompson.

Monday, 25 March 2013

spirit wolf - Survivor

My paws are blistered and pain is shooting through my legs.the snow is pure white and each step I take leaves a print on top.today has been the worst day of winter, i watched my brother being slaughtered, my sister drowned in the icy rapid of what's called death river, mum was killed by a disgusting creature, the elders call man, and my father has pinned to a tree with man hacking at his limns.Now I am all alone just running from these reached things called dogs and I'm slowly falling behind the rest of the wolves.I spot a badgers hole close to a tree about  three hundred meters away.I quickly sprint as hard as i can to the right and disappear into the badgers hole.I didn't really care if there was any badgers in the hole, I just needed to get away from the dogs.

My name is Skyren. I am seventeen months old and have white fur.I am a survivor.

Monday, 18 March 2013

My brother

My brother,
he is like a baboon
he is caring but naughty
he is loving but scary
he sometimes makes me feel like a submissive puppy
when he growls i scower
but he is the one who looks out for me
when mum is'nt there
the one who protects me
when dad is'nt there
now that he's a teen
he is mostly mean
but i know deep in side
he still loves me
and i know
that he will still protect me
still look out for me
because he is my brother
and no one can change that.

Monday, 11 March 2013

White Rose Poem

I always feel down, when no one is around
when you come a long its like I've started a new page,
 taken another  breath
your my light when it is to dark to see
your the wind that pushes my sale on
your the chime in my bell
you make me feel beautiful like a white rose,
 when you smile, you make my cheeks blush,
as red as a petal of a poppy
and family you will always be.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Dead Silent

The autumn rain fell gently onto the amber leaves.Four hikers carefully tread through the crumpled leaves of the forest, careful not to make any loud noises, their senses tight as they clutch shotguns.To you, you may think that they were hunting with very odd weapons, but you are very wrong, as they are being hunted.How did this occur you are thinking.

Well...yesterday these four innocent people were on their way to a hike.Bob,Ryan,Jill and Kate also known as Kat they were the four people i was telling you about earlier.Bob was a big, bulky coal worker and done some time behind bars before.He had broad shoulders and blue eyes that glinted when caught in the sun.he also had dark brown hair that was cut in an army style.Jill was Bobs wife, she had musky grey eyes and a shoulder length dirty blond mixed with grey hair.Ryan and Kat were their teenage kids.Ryan was 16 and handsome, he had jet black hair and dark green eyes and his face was gentle and he had a sweet smile.Kat was 15 and had a devilish look upon her as she had black hair with  purple and red  high lights.She all ways wore black really short shorts and a tank top.her lips were all ways a pinkish red and they shimmered all the time.

As they were walking up the steps to the forest wardens place to tell him where they were going and how long for,they found a disturbing dead body of  what looked like a bear, but it was so ripped up that it was hard to tell.Its guts were all over the place.A bloody hand print was printed on the tree next to the carcass.
"Dear God!" Jill screamed as she put her hand over her mouth.

Hi guys that was my writing sample that was used in one of my writing tests.
Hope you like it.