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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Novel Task: A Wrinkle in Time:Diary Entry from Meg/ Main Character

Dear Diary,

Today was the weirdest day I have ever had but it was also the best.
Today I met three strange ladies that lived in a haunted house in the woods behind our house.
Apparently their Charles Wallace's friends he met when walking our dog Fortinbras, but i am still wry of them as they are quite weird.Mrs Whatsit is one of them, and she stole some sheets for her and Mrs Who and Mrs Which to dress up to look like ghosts to scare away any curios people.And also so they could live there without anyone knowing.I think they are all a sandwich short of a picnic!
Then I met this brave dreamy guy, Calvin. He is just so sweet and considerate and...... dreamy!

Talk to you later

Meg :)  

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